So there's this guy

We've been good friends for 8 years. We've watched each other go through relationships, jobs, college, pets, you name it. We've done quite a lot of flirting and whatnot but in the last year things have escalated. We love apart but see each other when we can and always have fun. Our relationship isn't sexual at all besides the humor and flirting we've always done. Well a few months ago we had a make out session (I'm 27 and have been in an open relationship for 4 years so it's been awhile since a hot make out ses- hes 29 and has a open relationship too) after that our feelings for each other become more open but our lives have gone on like they have, hours of friendly phone calls with the occasional comment and usually it's him that brings it up first- he makes my heart sing. But we live so far apart and have lived our own lives for so long. I want to see him everyday, he's asked me to live with him for years and years and be roommates. It's just never happened. We've never had sex, but after we get hot and heavy I usually have to leave- he's sent texts and told me he wants me and we should have this and that. We promised to marry each other if we're still single at 35. This guy, is he the one that got away, is he just messing with me- it seems so real or is he the one? I don't know if I will ever know.