Medical vs. Internet Doctors!

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Ladies, I know this app is a fun place to ask questions, but, please please please ask a real doctor your medical questions! Especially questions about your reproductive tract! 
No one on here can know all of your symptoms, we can't know all the meds you're taking and how they could be interacting with your body, pain should ALWAYS be seen by a doctor! 
When you post a medical question on here, we only get to see a little piece of the whole puzzle. People can give you VERY wrong, and potentially life threatening advice. 
Imagine, if you will, a young women complains of intermittent pain in the lower left hand side of her abdomen. She is TTC and thinks it is because she is ovulating. Well, it can also be appendicitis, a very serious medical condition.
Please, please please please, see a doctor, one with an M.D.!