The REAL cause of the rift

This isn't simply a "race" post, since prejudice and discrimination can take many forms.  There are some that have found some of my responses inflammatory, and I do apologize for that, but my intention was only to show that it's not right to invalidate the experiences of others or argue with an "us vs. them"'mentality when the "them" is only other people.
Allow me to explain and consider the following:
There are plenty of good people out there who unfortunately have been subconsciously conditioned into certain destructive beliefs. To break conditioning requires acknowledgement and introspection, which are difficult especially since they challenge the ego.  
It is simply work that many are unwilling to do, so they succumb to confirmation bias since it's easy and satisfies the human desire to categorize.  This is why prejudice and sterotypes are so rampant and damaging.  It's also a matter of exposure. Then you have society and other larger factors of influence that feed off of the internalized inadequacy of the masses in order to control them. Throw in a destructive history and culture that wants to deny experiences and sweep things under the rug instead of learning from the past and you have what's going on now.
A lot of negative projection occurs due to self-loathing.  Yes, it's easy to blame others, and sometimes it is deserved, other times not, but when you've been kicked down your whole life for factors outside of your control, whatever they may be, you're going to eventually lash out.  If individuals change their mindset, society will be forced to follow suit.
I'm open minded and will give everyone a chance, but I've faced so much prejudice that I'm not going to sing kumbaya and ignore the elephant in the room. That helps no one.  I'm also not going to accept people using derogatory terms against a whole group of people.  We have to start separating the people from INFLUENCES upon said people.
I honestly believe that a bit of travel and a fundamental understanding of the social sciences would be to everyone's benefit.  I certainly benefitted from their study.
The sooner people realize that other people's problems are OUR problems too, the better off we'll be.