Giving bj in a car

It's really weird, I gave my bf a blowjob today, in his car. We were driving around in his blue Mini Cooper, when for some reason we both felt like fooling around. We found a secluded area out in the woods and pulled over. By the time he turned the car off, he had unzipped his fly and opened his pants. I don't know why but my heart was pounding. I went down. The strange thing is that I guess I really got into it and I made him cum in my mouth in like minutes. I deepthroated him and when he came it went right down my throat. I could feel it cum, but I could barely taste it. When you deepthroat and the guy cums with his dick all the way back, is it normal not to taste his cum? And he told me that I was amazing, and that I made him cum a lot.?