Long distance relationships

Chef Cara • Currently cook for a fine dining restaurant in Traverse City. Single, 29, chef, would love to be a mom someday.

Would you or have you ever be in a long distance relationship? Would you go to that person or let that person come to you?

I've been talking to this guy for awhile now. He stays 5 hrs away in Wisconsin and I live in western Michigan now. We talk everyday, video chat, and text. I really like him and he really likes me. I'm planning to take a road trip out there sometime in the next few months. My schedule is more open than his next semester even though I'm in culinary school but I would love for him to come visit me. He says he will but I'm going to visit him first. I'm not going alone either. I'm taking my roommate along too. It's not my first long distance relationship but the guy I was with came to visit all the time when his job sent him here which was quite often. He's already ecstatic about me coming and I am too. Am I doing the right thing by visiting him first or should it be the other way around?