Would you chance taking ibuprofen if you were ttc?

I'm getting really bad muscle aches. My back, knees, stomach, and legs really hurt. My period hasn't come yet but I have the usual signs and pains that tell me she's coming soon. (bloating, urge to clean house, moodiness, etc) I spotted earlier, very little and more light pink. Usually, I start within thirty minutes of spotting, however whatever it was just stopped. My period isn't technically late until the first. We're ttc, but I think the holidays have merely played with my system. They usually do that.

I don't want to get my hopes up that I could be pregnant or test unless I'm a week or more late which I'm not.

I'm also really warm, nauseous, and feel a migraine coming on.

Would you chance taking ibuprofen if you didn't feel pregnant and had all your usual signs of pms? I'm tempted to because my migraines get fierce if I ignore them too long.