Anonymous family

Kiera • Married April 18th. Trying for second baby :)
My family is fucked. My brother has aspergers which wouldn't be that bad if my parents weren't also fucked up. My mom a constant druggy (pot and alcohol sometimes shrooms and x) and my dad who just had heart surgery and doesn't/can't take care of my brother. So right now my brother is living with my uncle who has lots of younger kids. Unfortunately my brother doesn't do well with babies or young children. He also doesn't understand what is appropriate and what isn't. This makes it hard for a lot of people to be around or take care of him. He has other issues, he used to kill small animals and has an odd/disturbing look on sexual things. My uncle is freaking out now because my brother showed his six year old girl a porn and keeps saying things to them. I don't let him alone with my son and generally don't have him over often because he has a temper and when my son was seven months and barely standing he shoved him and generally tried getting physical with him. I don't know what's going to happen with him and I feel horribly that I can't help him and that my parents don't take care of him. I feel as though life will never get easier for him and I'm frustrated at him also for being the way he is... Even though I know he can't help it and doesn't understand.