Need a cycle buddy, AF due January 1st.


I figured I'd give this a try. My cycle is about 30 days and my AF is due around January 1st though I'm trying not to consider myself late unless the 8th passes and my AF is a no-show. My SO and I have been ttc for three to four months now. Honestly, I just need someone to talk to that won't make me feel irrational for all the ups and downs I feel on this journey.

I'm going to college to be a kindergarten teacher. I'm currently working on my AA with an emphasis on education then I'll transfer to a university for two more years for my bachelor's.

Right now, I'm trying not to go crazy waiting for my AF.. or show how disappointed I'll feel when she finally comes. I'm on break until the 5th so is I'd rather get my AF out of the way prior to the new semester...