AF hasn't arrived and she's a week late today. I've taken a test this morning and it's negative. I haven't had any major sympotoms, other than an increase of appetite and frequent urination. At about 10 dpo I had light cramping that started in my left abdomen, and gradually ended in my center. This lasted for a few days. I'm confused because I'm not sure how long Mother Nature is going to make me wait. If you're going to be negative I'd rather AF appear so I can move on, if you're going to be positive... Become positive so I can celebrate! I read somewhere that sometimes if you've conceived a boy it takes longer to show up on hpt bc of lower levels but I'm not sure if that's just a myth. I do have creamy white cm, but Idk if that's much of a sign of anything. Looking for some guidance in my thought process bc my husband doesn't get this stuff and I can't talk to anyone else about TTC. What would you do/think if you were in my position right now? How much longer should I wait to take another hpt? Any chance I can be pregnant at this point? Your thoughts and help would be appreciated, thanks in advance ladies.