Does anyone feel overwhelmed?

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I cried every single day for weeks. I had this perfect amazing baby and I could not stop crying. That's what happens. Not to every one. But to a lot of new mothers. And I think it would help if we made it known that that is the norm. If the "baby blues" do not affect you, hey great! You dodged a bullet. But if they did, and you are at home crying your eyes out for no reason, please know - you are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I did not learn that lesson till about 4 weeks in. I was at the end of my rope. Holding a crying baby. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Powerless. I called my friend Nicole, a new mom herself. She said hello. I started sobbing. I could not get any words out. She said I will be right over. How she packed up her newborn and made it to Brooklyn in half an hour, I will never know.

But I know now that motherhood is like a club - and once in, you are in for life. Motherhood is such a powerful force, so completely life-altering, that when it strikes, nothing and no one can ever change you back to your original state. And its not all hugs and kisses and first words. Sure, there is some of that. But the vast majority of the time, it is crushingly repetitive and unbelievably selfless. And as a sister, as sisters, I think we owe each other the truth.

I am huge believer of women helping women. I've always been lucky enough to have an incredible support group of sisters, friends, and mentors. 

It all reminds me of a parable I love. And I want to share it with all of you:

"One morning a woman fell into a deep ditch. Help, she yelled, and soon got the attention her mayor passing by. He looked down at her predicament and assured her that he would work to get that ditch filled in as soon as possible and hurried on his way.

Then her doctor strolled by, and again she asked for help. He asked her if anything was broken, if anything hurt. Not really, she said, but I am stuck down here. Sorry, he replied, that's out of my hands, and went on his way.

Then just as she was going to give up and spend the night in that cold ditch, her sister found her. Stand back, her sister said, and jumped into the ditch. What are you doing? The young woman asked. Now we are BOTH stuck in this horrible ditch.

Yes, said her sister, but I've been stuck in this ditch before, and I know the way out...."