Threatened Miscarriage?!

Candice • Trucks & Cows ❤️
Was laying in bed with my SO last night-- we were just about to have sex when I felt this gush of fluid from between my legs. My first thought was TURN ON THE LIGHT. As soon as I got up we both saw a puddle of blood on the bed. More was draining from between my legs. I ran to the bathroom with tears streaming down my face and screaming for him to take me to the hospital. He stayed calm enough to get me dressed and to drive us there. (On the way the f-ing headlight went out). So we get there and I'm in the waiting room still gushing blood. The lady calls me back and we tell her I think I lost the baby. So I'm crying and he's holding my hand. The nurse give me a pad and a cup to take a urine sample. So they take 4 tubes of blood and give me an IV & some zofran (I think..?). We waited for about an hour then I got wheeled back to the ultrasound room. The tech was the sweetest lady and made me feel so much better. She wasn't technically supposed to give me any information but she whispered for me to look and I (kinda) got to see my little ones heart beating. I didn't get to see it very long and it wasn't very clear. All I could do was cry. We did a 'regular' ultrasound and a transvaginal one. During the transvaginal one, my SO was watching the screen with the biggest smile on his face that I've ever seen. He was so so happy and so excited, though I couldn't see what was going on. I'm so so jealous but so happy that he got to see the baby better than I did. :') and saw a stronger heart beat. But he deserves it! I wasn't able to know anything else until the doctor came back in. My god that took almost 2 hours. But once the doctor came in and told me it was a threatened miscarriage I broke down. But he stopped my tears as he told me it was a 9/10 chance that my peanut was gonna be okay! :') but there's still that 1/10 chance that it won't be. ? he said it's okay to bleed, and I may bleed at lot a times but it's only a problem when I'm soaking through 2-3 pads every hour for 3 hours and if I have super bad cramps. I'll still follow up on my first real OB-GYN appointment on January 14. But things are looking good. I'm 6 weeks 6 days--7weeks. ?