My Journey: I'm not alone!!

MomLifeToTheMax • ♡ 2 beautiful babies!

I've been with my fiance for over 4 years now we officially started ttc maybe a year and a half ago even though we never really ''took care of ourselves'' before the decision. .. I would just get really depressed seeing everyone get pregnant so fast and us just not being able to. I would even pretend I didn't care and wasn't ready yet even though I was dying inside to get pregnant. I finally open up to him and he's so supportive and I think it's been more fun. Not only that but joining GLOW I've seen I'm not alone and I'm not the only one still ttc for a while now. Im so grateful for this app it's the best ever! To all you ladies sharing your hearts out thank you! Its really helped me think more positively on this journey towards a family.