How to tell your parents your ready to leave and get married .

I'm 19 my SO is 21 he has a full time job and I'm part time at work and school . I know I'm young but I know he is the one and I don't think I can emotionally handle living in my house anymore I'm a good daughter but I can't handle it anymore the things I have been told have broken my heart by them. Yet they are amazing parents and I love them darly but I'm ready to leave my nest. However I'm scares tho of they do not have there way they can be pretty cruel with words and actions and non support. They were married after 6 months knowing each other and the same age. I've been with my love for 2 years (almost ) and we talk aboutoney and how this can all work out we are not stupid we know the hard things that will come but we are ready to do it together. We are saving like crazy. And talk about the further and EVERYTHING to expect we even made a budget list for ourselves. But I'm scares cause my parents know how to hurt my heart with the worst way. I'm scared but I don't think I can live with them anymore I need to grow up and do what I want to do with my life as a women.