Anyone seen the business of being born?

I watched it and quite frankly I'm so glad I have nothing to do with the USA. What a joke!!? 1 in 3 women have a C section and 90% of them don't even need it, it's just easy for the obgyn. Get this most C sections take place at 4pm and 10pm. Afternoon when it's been a long shift they can't be bothered to wait around for a natural birth which may take anything from 4-12hrs to a 20min CS and 10pm- no one wants to be up all night pushing and breathing. How crazy??! It gets worse most of the poor American women havnt even heard of a midwife. You support, Ur shoulder to lean on, and Ur birthing partner (in most cases). They are such amazing people, Iv come across many over the years and they are just what U need. America has one of the highest rates of infantial death rate with all these unnecessary CS's which includ invasive drugs which prolong Ur labour and make Ur baby distressed. All you in America what do u make of this?