Going crazy!!!!

My cycle is/was 5 days late- was suppose to start 01/23/14 no normal cycle symptoms ( no acne, no cramps, no cravings, nothing) until today- I felt lite cramping and went to tinkle and saw light very very faint blood when I wiped (TMI) so I went to buy a pregnancy test- BFN! I'm DEVESTATED! CRUSHED! I just broke down! I was so sure! I haven't been stressing, no drinking- nothing I just don't understand why I can't get pregnant! I've had great check ups with doctors- I'm very concerned that because I only gave one ovary it will never happen- doctors test and I'm good! I just don't get it! This is depressing! Everyone around me are pregnant or having babies and I can't even get a positive test! I'm losing faith! I'm so sad! I need prayers, baby dust and a miracle! I'm so sad! My husband told me to calm down AND that it was a cheap pregnacy test- I'm not buying it! I'm destraught! Am I alone?