Need some serious advice

Makaela • A wife and mommy of 2
Okay well I just took a test and its a major positive. My husband and I were not trying to concieve, I had to go off bc because of insurance changes and I was gonna start back on the pill sunday seeing how I was suppose to start today. I have no idea how to tell my husband and I just recently enrolled in nursing school. Perfect timing right? Not that I am overly upset obviously I already love this precious baby and its all on gods time just wasn't expecting it. It took 8 months with my daughter and I'm off bc for two months and we had sex maybe all of three times in that time frame. Anyways has anyone been pregnant while going thru nursing school? How was it? Is it doable? I'm doing lvn so I'm guessing baby will be due October so I'll be about halfway done at that point. Thanks for any advice