Uneven Breasts, Birth Control, and Estrogen

Hi ladies! So, I have one breast that's larger than the other,and it's not just slightly. It's noticeable if I point it out when wearing a low cut shirt and If I'm naked it's completely noticeable. It's not bad it's just enough to make me uncomfortable. I've talked with some friends about how I want to get on birth control to regulate my periods and hopefully get on a brand that contains estrogen so maybe that'll help fix the problem ( by possibly making my breasts grow a little bit evening out, which would be awesome). What do you think? Could that help? I scheduled my first gynecologist appointment (I'm 19) for next week and I want to make sure I have somewhat of an idea of what I'm talking about when I speak to the doctor about all of this. It's really annoying and makes me feel badly about myself when I know I shouldn't. I thank you in advance for answering :)