Discharge question?

Krissy F

Hey ladies, quick question.. just wondering if anybody can relate.

Past few days I had clear and stretchy discharge which I know is normal. But today when i used the bathroom, i noticed my discharge was yellowish and sticky. I just noticed it that one time and that was all. Still made me a little nervous! I am one day past ovulation, not sure If i read somewhere that its normal to turn yellowish. It doesnt smell, itch,burn...etc. i have not had sexual intercourse since July.. however, at the beginning of this month I allowed someone to give me oral for about 5 minutes. I was treated for chlamydia back in August and cleared. The last time I had an STD i experienced burning, itching etc..the works...

I've had bad sinus issues/ allergies for the past few days.. not sure if that info is useful

just curious if anyone experiences this sometimes.. its not consistent but def a scare.