Girl names

Monica • I`m a 30 year old military wife and mother to our 9 year old son, Rylan and daughter, Maci who is 4.
My husband and I are at a loss on girl names. I want Karly but he hates anything that differs from the original spelling like Carly but I hate it spelt with a C. He love Lily but I don't like how common it is, however I agreed to consider it a nickname. Here are some of our names we are considering, but I'd like other suggestions. I like original names but nothing too crazy or off the way. Something pretty that will grow with the child. Our last name is Valentin (pronounced Val-en-teen).
*Annalise Lily
*Maci (haven't ran this one by him yet, who knows if he'll go with the i instead of y)
We need help! Lol the only reason I'm not sure on Annalise is I don't want people calling her Anna.