Move or not to move

Hi so me and my husband have a small Baby girl who will soon be 2. We live with his dirty brother who sleeps in the living he never picks up a plate or wash it. He leaves everything thrown . The dishes have food on them and they start to smell bad just like the living room does. He has his daughter who goes over once in a while who is 6 yrs old and is always taking away my baby toys and sometimes she's rude to my child. Next we also have there his sister in law who was married to his older brother but they resently separated. She sleeps in the room next to us. Always has her tv loud and she is always screaming at her kid her son is 9. She has taken over my parking spot and most of the apartment. My husband doesn't want her paying many bills cause he feels sorry for her but yet gives me no money ever. I'm tired of leaving like this I want my own place and my child to have her own place to play. He has 2 jobs I'm a full time student and mom I'm for on my nursing degree please help what do I do