Obsessed grandma HELP

I curently have one daughter prego with a second. I had to move in with my mother 2 months ago u til they finished remodeling the house we are renting for my family. During my stay with my mom (temind you ahe has no job and rarley leaves the house)she has literally told me how to raise my daughter, spoiled her, actually changed my daughters eating habbits she become more whinny  when she doesnt get her way, and my mom consistantly underminds me. to top it all my daughter constantly ask for my mom because grandma gives her everything she wants. I feel so overwhelmed betrayed by my own mother, annoyed no one else will step up for me (i have confronted many times about the issues im havin nicely and not so nice) im upset and hurt because my own kid that i birth prefers her over me?!? WTF! Where is my justice im not being a crazy prego lady either bc it was happening before i got pregnant. Advice? Aside from the obviouse move out i cant yet or id have been gone. Tips or anything