Brave ladies!

Hi ladies, so a few months back i took emergency contraception as i had sex with my SO but the condom broke and we are not at the stage in life that we would be able to bring a child into the world and care for it as a child would need caring for, for various reasons (age being one reason and no money as we are young). Anyway, i truely believed i was pregnant and i didn't get my 'period' for atleast 3 weeks after i was due! I had all of the symptoms, even what I thought was implantation bleeding! I took multiple tests and they were all negative and I thought they were wrong so I went the doctors and they thought i might have been having an ectopic pregnancy as i had all the symptoms and had sharp pelvic pain, and as it was possibly ectopic that's why it wasn't showing up on the hpt's! So the next week i was ment to go back for a scan however i started to bleed, but it was a bright colour with dark clumps and stretchy things in if (sorry, TMI) and i truely believed it was a miscariage but I will never know because i didn't go for the scan as i just presumed nothing would be found and it was just my period! And this happened november and even though it probably was just my period and not a miscarriage it hurts me so much! I think about it nearly every day! An it hurts me so much! I just wanted to say I'm so sorry to anyone that has ever lost their baby! Your all incredibly strong! It must be so hard! And im so sorry to a tone that has gone through that pain! Good luck for the future everyone! And good luck to everyone ttc!  (I'm so so sorry if this has offended anyone in any way! That was not my intention!) X