Pissed off

Ok i am so upset i feel robbed of my womanhood...i was 18 weeks pregnant and lost my daughter evanee due to cord accident:( they made me deliver her so i was in labor 48 long hrs for no reward:( it was a nightmare! I delivered her on dec 20th 2014 and i bled for 1 week on the dot. Occasional spotting brown here and there..feeling robbed i was eager to start trying again after my doctor said everything looks good...now im stuck in this miserable waiting period where i havent had a period since ive delivered her and opks are everyyywhere.. I took a test two days ago at night and it was faint positive. So i waited a whole day and took another..same brand "first response" and it was negative!? Took another negative... I asked the doctor if there is left over hormones that gave me a faint positive and he said no. Its been 6 weeks almost 7 and im dying inside! First losing my baby girl then a false alarm like why me!?? Why anyone!!!  Im ready to give up just like i feel my body is!