How do you deal with someone who you are so utterly in love with and want a future with, but he is just an asshole to you sometimes? My boyfriend is constantly telling me he wishes I would just leave him and he needs space and ever since I moved in he feels like he has no time to himself. And honestly I would have no problem not being at his house all the time, IF i could trust him. A year ago before I was living with him I was living 2 hours away and I would drive all the way to see him on the weekends, but he would only let me stay Friday night and force me to leave Saturday morning. Which I further found out was because he was dating someone else simultaneously and she would spend Saturday nights by him.this went on for two months.  He's cheated on me several times before that too. And once he told me he definitely wanted to be with me he said he would do whatever it takes to gain my trust back.and living with him is what it will take.  But after a few months he's already ready to give up. But we've talked about getting married and having a family and all of that, I just wish he would seem like he WANTS to spend time with me like I do with him.