Iv been trying to get pregnant me and my boyfriend had sex on all my ovulation days which was jan 3 and i was to get my period the 16th i tested the 14th and it qas neg i got my period the 18th but was spotty for 3 days then went to a medium flow for about a day or 2 then went to off and on spotting i tested again but didnt pee on it enough so i didnt pay attenchion to it but it showed a faint neg line but 4days after my period i had bad cramping i dont feel myself and lately iv been moody and emotional i made a appt but its killing me i really want a baby i feel kind of nauseas in the morning and some times i feel like i have to cough and i gag and thats never happend to me and im not a smoker and i lost my appetite and iv just been feeling different what are some ways i could tell? I dieing to find out im willing to try any trick in the book