Bbt chart. Crazy symptoms 7dpo

Laura • I`m 28yrs old , I`m a stepmom to an amazing 4yr old boy Levi. Just started BC pill 1st time ever to get my hormones and body evened out.
So I've had to pee like crazy everyday  starting from  3-4dpo craziest dream ever, napping a lot, also eating constantly,(more than my fiancé)I'm 5'7 and 124lbs.I know sounds too early, I thought I'm going crazy, temp dip 5&6dpo, boobs/nips sensitive also,shooting stabbing sharp pain around right ovary area, pretty intense never felt anything like it, today at 7dpo, as soon as I woke up I noticed ovary pain had subsided but, I had the most lower back pain/weird pulling ever. Ouch. Temp back up to 99.86 What u think

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