Job help 😣

Hi there. I recently applied for two jobs and got both- one is practically the perfect job for me at a cupcake shop, the other is at a fish and chip shop. Now, both have the pros and cons and I'm not sure which one to take. 
I'll start with the cupcake shop. 
Perfect job for me. 
I would like to own my own bakery in the future so this is a good opportunity 
This job pays more per hour 
45 minute drive 
A lot of hours for me to handle (30 per week) and I still am a high school student 
Later hours( closes at 9:30) - I wake up at 5 am 
Fish shop: 
Closes at 7:30 and closed Sunday's 
Easier hours to handle and be a teenager 
10 minute drive 
Not particularly ideal 
It ultimately comes down to me still being a high school student (senior). The cupcake shop is more of an ideal job but the fish shop would be easier to handle. School and my time are very important to me, especially since I'll be graduating soon. I guess I'm just looking for some advice and other perspectives on the situation. Thank you