What to do ?

my other half is at work untill 6 pm and I'm at home with 3 children, I'm just short of 7 weeks pregnant I've had terrible lower backache all day and now I'm getting really crampy up front I misscarried last pregnancy and the cramps feel similar, I'm worried that something is wrong I don't want to leave it really I'd rather go get some advice from the doctor, but the kids don't know I'm pregnant so I can't really take them with me my eldest is nearly 8 and he's not daft he'd know ...I don't know what to do after 6 pm the doctors is closed and I really don't want to go up to a&e they have a restriction going on atm and triage could want to send me the other side of the city where I can't get there :( I feel quite sore and I don't think that I should be getting cramps like this ? I never had this with my other 3 children I just don't know what to do ? or can anyone reassure me the cramps and lower backache is ok ? I'm just worried x