Chemical pregnancy and ttc again

Meagan • Mommy of four 💜
I had a Chemical pregnancy this past week. I was 5 weeks along. I started to have some bleeding Monday and had blood work and Tuesday they called and told me my hcg levels were too low and I was losing my baby. I was devastated. I haven't cried so much since my Mom passed away. We have been TTC baby #3 for 11 months by the time I finally got my bfp. Wednesday my levels were back to normal and I had been passing a lot of blood clots. Today I saw my Dr and she told me it was called a chemical pregnancy. She told me that the egg was fertilized and implanted but something went wrong some where and it stopped growing. She told me that we can start TTC again as soon as we want. She even wrote me a Rx for clomid to help us along. She told me to wait till my next period before starting it. I'm so scared of having another miscarriage but she told me the chances were very low for it to happen again. I hope that we can get pregnant right away and that everything will be alright this next time.