Hip & Back

Britney • 22. Nail Tech. Mom to Kent. Wife to James. Pregnant with baby Oliver! 6.8.15
Today was a very stressful day for me. I had a pretty hard cry and was very upset for a few hours. After about 2-3 hours I calmed down and began being more positive. Just as I was sitting Indian style I felt pain in my hip and my back, I was really uncomfortable. So I tried to get up as best as I could and lay down on my bed with my knees bent up. I drank some water and heard creaking noises. Not popping or clicking. They were coming from my left hip. I laid on that side and my pain began to go away. Earlier I made some pizza for dinner and once it was done and I sat on the couch to eat and once again I got the hip and back pain. :( So I laid down on the couch and it went away. I'm only 22 weeks and it's scaring me so much. This is my 2nd so I know it's not contractions and they don't feel like Braxton hicks either. :(( Help.