Homemade wax....

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Ok so here is the recipe for homemade wax

(Disclaimer: this recipenis just for a standard amount so you can add more or less depending kn your need)

1 cup water

Depending on the water; a third of lemon or lime (lime works better) juice

2 tablespoons of sugar (any sugarbis fine)

Sauce pan


Add the water and sugar into sauce pan and leave on normal heat until it boils.

Once the sugar water is ready add the lemon/ lime jucie into the mixture

Once again allow to boil but on low heat.

To find the consistency you want carefully take a bit of the mixture and play around with it, if still watery leave to boil for a while longer.

If mixture turns into a darker toffee colour it is ready and take it off heat

Spray the tray with water, a thin layer

Spread the now wax onto tray and knead it in using a spoon (otherwise you burn yourself)

Once the wax is a bit hard, and cooled its ready to use, if other bits left over put in an air tight container and leave in fridge until next use.


While its on low and hih heat stirr occasionally otherwise the sugar doesnt mix in properly.

This wax is completely edible, its very similar to toffee so yummy! (Unless theres aloready hair on it.....)

So heres the recipe, enjoy, and please comment below if you try it and tell me how it went