Trying to conceive for 6 months

Katie • Stay at home mommy as of 6/30/16!!!
So we've hit our 6 month mark. I had a consultation my hubby and I with my gyno! (I love her she's so down to earth helping me along this journey) she says keep trying another 6 months and keep doing it. Nothing I can do now which I figured. Drs don't test us until 1 year activity trying. So hubby won't get his sperm tested if at my yearly appt I am not sucessful. I guess have fun and not stress. She told me to stop ovulation kits bc they are never right. Fine with me that was wasteful money when they stopped reading last month. So my periods last anywhere between 12-14 days I get one each month inbetween lasting anywhere 28-32 days, I ovulate each month somewhere she said so she told me have sex days 14-19/20 and maybe little beyond daily of every other. My yearly is july. Here's hoping at 33 years old this is my year and I'll be calling to tell her I'm preggo  sooner then later. Just have fun relax don't stress and enjoy life. If your in myt shoes that's the best we can do!!!