When taking the Abortion Pill(s)


For any of my fellow ladies going this route...

The process is not only sped up, but the discomfort is greatly eased by two things in particular....

1. Heating pad for cramps *As hot as feels best (I practically lit my tummie on fire)

2. Massaging ankles/feet/legs/knees *Pregnant ladies cannot have their ankles rubbed because it may send them into labor (hence why you have to tell massage therapists if you're pregnant or not before getting a massage)

By combining these; It only took two hours and it was as easy as it could've possibly been.

If anyone else is going to ever consider the abortion pill-- Please, employ the method I used. I cannot stress enough just how much it helped me. Two hours is hardly anything in comparison to the six or eight hours that it usually takes without any extra stimulation.

Good luck to all!