I'm not late yet but im worried

Basically me and my boyfriend had sex on Tues Jan 27 and on that day my glow calendar told me 15 % High chance of pregnancy however I hadn't checked it before I left home. I went to see my boyfriend that day , we watched some movies and fell into sex. Its routine for him to just pull down my undies and go in bare because we always have been having sex bare. We trust and love each other and he always pulls out a few seconds before so we've never had issues . BUT this one time he pulled out right on the money and came all over my stomach. We normally rinse his dick for excess cum and wait for him to be ready again but in that moment we both didn't want to wait I guess. So he stroked a bit and tried to wipe any excess on my leg and put it back in . I'm somewhat worried because I spotted for like a hour after I left but then there was nothing. There hasn't been any spotting again since that day but I lost majority of my appetite. I sleep for way longer and crazily anywhere my body allows me to now. (That's normally not me , I can control my fatigue ) and I've been super nauseous these past few days as if I don't want to eat if i dont get the food i want and some things I eat don't agree with me. I haven't actually Brang up but I do feel nauseous. I don't get my AF till February 13 and I don't want to wait that long to know. Any help ladies .

Would I be able to take a test now ? Does it sound like I could be ? I've been pregnant before but I lost it at two weeks and I had these same symptoms but I don't want to wait til my period is late . I wana know :/ .