Mid life crisis.

I feel like my boyfriend is going through the midlife crisis. I am 15 years younger. He is trying to escape old age. He's coming up with new life goals every week. I've done some reading on the midlife crisis and those are his sympthoms. He might break up with me, which would leave me devastated. He might quit his job (but highly unlikely) he might do other drastic things. He's been good to me but every time I see him he says something rediculous. Like he will go to school, he will start a new career, he wants to be a musician. He's already got a good career. I'm just nervous getting rid of me be his next possible plan. I can't get help from my friends they have not been in this situation, since we are the same age. I want to support him, because I love him, but he's being rediculous. Also I'm afraid to mention to him that this is the midlife crisis that he's going through, last think I want to do is stress him out more, disappoint or upset him. Any suggestions or advice are welvome.