Ladies Help!!!! Please read!!!

Kristin • Mom of 3
My friend is 19. Graduates in May. Has 1 baby and is now pregnant again. She does not feel ready and wants to get an abortion, kind of (explained later on in post) I'm completely against it and I told her that but I also told her I will support her in her decision. I love her like a sister.  We've known each other since 4th grade.  I feel like God is telling me to offer to keep her baby for her. I'm not sure if that's overstepping boundaries is it?? Is it wrong to do? I'm doing it for her and baby. You gotta think to me this is like a neice or nephew. I'm not in the greatest financial situation but i'm 20 , married and have a house and job. Do i offer? Do i keep my mouth shut? Do not bash me. I'm not forcing her into anything but she told me herself she does not actually believe in abortion and doesn't want one but the babies father wants her to get one and she can't afford another baby. Help!!!