Do I believe him? (Long story!!)

My 'friend' says he's sterile. We're good friends who turned more than friends, but not dating, when I became single for the first time in just over 5 years from the 1 and only guy I was on and off with for 9 years(started @ 15, ended @ 24). I had never been with anyone else before....

Anyways...we hooked up a few times, always using condoms, most of the time just drunken hook ups. Except for two times. I am not on birth control, for I have not been able to get insurance(getting fixed soon though!).

One night, during a very, very, drunken camping trip, we hooked up and we didn't use protection. I didn't use plan b, for we didn't get home in time. I stupidly ended up hooking up with a different friend of a friend the next weekend, no condoms, I did use plan b. (I never believed in a drunken mistake before because I was always 90% aware of everything because I get really sick when my adrenaline pumps too hard when I'm drunk...but I blacked out in the middle of the sex. I agreed to it, I wanted it, I just don't remember all the details of it...)

Plan b says if you do not get a period within 2 weeks, contact a dr. It also says that if you're already pregnant, it won't work. I got my period exactly 2 weeks to the day I took the plan b. I was safe.

Come to the present, I hooked up with my friend again, sober. No condom. No plan b. My friend, when he gets really horny, says things he ends up saying he didn't mean, after the fact. He will be sober, tell me he loves me, that he wants me to have his babies (we're both native and I've always expressed wanting to at least keep the native blood going. Different tribes.), then turn around and deny it...I don't believe him when he says this. To be honest, I think he has mommy issues. But to the point.

He says he's sterile. He's always said he's sterile. Basically since the day we met, something about never fully developing sperm or something... That hook up was about 3-4 months ago. I think I stressed myself into having a late period, which is kinda normal.... My period was about 2 weeks late and lasted about 2-3 weeks. It came really heavy, got really light and then got heavy and then light again before it was over. I almost went to the doctor. Since then, my period has been on time and normal.

Do I believe that he's sterile? Or should I like, make him take a fertility test? Lol

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