For the believers in god.

I have a question for all of you. My faith is really starting to go away. I'm married but my husbands from England and can't work at all cause h doesn't have a SS number but were getting his green card and SS number soon. But anyways, I go to school and work everyday and never have time for myself. I pay my bills. I lost my mom in 2013 and I lost so many other close family members before her. My life keeps getting worse and worse and yet I still had a strong belief in god. But now my faith is really going away cause I try my hardest to survive and be agood person and do what's right and yet I have a friend who is married as well. She's a huge believer. Like her whole life is about god and yet she has no job, doesn't go to school, is pregnant and gets everything she wants and paid for her. She does nothing!!!! And has a great life. I'm so mad that she's pregnant too but then again I'm not. It's cause I've wanted a baby so bad and I keep getting negatives and she's gets a damn positive. Okay pretty much to sum this up. How can you believe in a god that does this? Gives nothing to the hard working girl who try's to better her life but gives everything to a girl who does nothing what so ever? PLEASE explain this to me. Cause I'm just about done with life and believing.