Bleeding behind the placenta

So I woke up yesterday (14weeks 5days)  to go to the restroom and when I looked at my white underware they had blood on them. Not a lot and more them spotting. It was bright red and dark red. So immediately I freak the fu*k out!! I rushed to the er and the doctor was all like your going to have a miscarriage. I went to have a us and saw my little baby moving his 10fingers and 10toes and his little heart beat was 142!!! So I'm thinking yay!!!! I go back down to the er and the stupid er doctor gives me this I'm sorry speach and that there is bleeding behind the placenta and I'm probably going to miscarry this weekend😩 but if we make it to Monday I have to go to my Obgyn for a us first thing. Has anyone experienced this and had the baby live or get old enought to deliver a healthy baby?? Please pray for our baby also thanks 😃