Need help with 2 year old not sure where to post this

My daughter just turned 2 and I recently stopped giving her a paci. I listened to my mother in law telling me shes fine with it it wont hurt but her teeth are starting to buck out and even the dentist said take it away but I have wanted it gone for a while now so I decided its now or never. Its been 4 days and she wont go to bed or take any naps. It's literally 6 a.m. and she just went to bed. I have also let her have a tablet to watch her shows on which at 1 1/2 year of age if not earlier than that she has learned so much such as all her ABCs can count to 15 and all her colors so I said why not shes learning. Well since taking paci away she has became obsessed with the tablet. I am a first time mom and she is down right rotten. I try not to let her get her way but her maw maw is always around and giving her everything and I mean everything she wants. I want her to get out of being so spoiled but its hard when everyone but me and her daddy give in to her. When she don't get her way she will pitch fits hit scream kick pretty much beat our ass. I am sick of it with no sleep its down right killing me. To get her to sleep at 6 a.m. I had to take tablet away while she laid here beating the crap out of me and screaming. I feel like a bad mother for her crying it out but she gave up and passed out. This is the first time it didn't last over an hour which usually last a lot longer and I end up just giving in cause I cant take anymore. Is this gonna end soon with no sleeping and beating my ass? I am seriously thinking about keeping her away from her grandparents just to get her out of being so spoiled. If we tell them no means no she cant do or have certain things they do it all anyways and we are left to get our asses kicked and left to deal with the screaming for way over an hour. I believe most of this is a result from taking her saftey net which is her paci away cause this all started at the same time. Anyone have any suggestions or can someone reassure me that letting her cry it out at this point is the right thing to do. I keep thinking shes hurting herself by screaming this long and it worries me that I am not doing right. What do I need to be doing?