My parents want to move out for me


I currently live with my babys father and his parents and sister. And sometimes it gets uncomfortable to do simple things. Like cooking, I don't just want to start cooking I feel like they'll get mad. They did once but that's another story... bathroom issues too. Like once I clogged up the toliet lol and then I tried to unclog it and I started crying, those damn hormones! Laundry issues...

Anyway just little stuff like that is uncomfortable. Living with your inlaws I think is uncomfortable no matter what.

So my parents live in a really nice trailer, pay around $260 a month and pay utilities every 3 months for about $80.

They want to move out so I can move in.

They basically want to get an apartment, pay $570 a month and I move in the trailer.

(My SO does not want to move out whatsoever that's why)

My due date is February 9th and I just want to be comfortable after I have the baby and also not bother his family with the baby crying in the middle of the night

I just feel really bad that they have to move out for me, but they did suggest it. I also want to lookout for my parents and try to save those $570 a month but that would mean staying with the inlaws.

What should I do?

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