No Birth Control

Amarisa • VT Original. 802. I am who I am. And sometimes even I don't like me.
Okay so I am currently on the Xulane patch which is three weeks on one week off. This is my third cycle on the patch. The first two were alright everything was fine and dandy. No migraines, no headaches, and definitely no feeling or getting sick. Before I was getting the Depo Prevera shot once every three months like your supposed to. I didn't have any issues with that. And when I was off the Depo for a few years I tried two different types of birth control pills that ended up giving me migraines so bad that I ended up in the ER due to the hormone build up in my body. So no birth control pills for me. I thought the patch was working until I got migraines again which are very unpleasant and make me feel nauseas and sometimes make me physically sick. Which is also very unpleasant. So the only thing birth control wise that's worked is the shot but I don't want to be on that since I was on it longer than recommend to begin with. Anyways I think it'd just be best if I wasn't on any birth control. But used other methods of it instead. (I.e. condoms)