So in early January my boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me out of the blue and destroyed my heart. But I realized that it wasn't meant to be I supposed. So once I started to accept the fact that I have to move on and enjoy life. I did just that. I began to talk to people and I know its dumb but I met this guy that's my age, 17 and a junior, on hot or not. I was just messing around in there but we started talking because I love talking to people. But I found out that we have a lot in common and he is really funny. The bad part is that he lives in Mass. while I live in RI. I don't know if I should tell my parents I met him on hot or not because I feel like they will end what ever it is between me and this guy for me. But I really want to meet him. What should I do? I'm so lost. Oh and he's real because we snapchat and text a lot. I just need some advice though