So just looking for other advice on this subject . I have been with my boyfriend for just about 3 years , our relationship has never been picture perfect , but no relationship ever is . But beside this point over a year ago I went to a family wedding he felt uncomfortable and bored so he left early so I stayed and had a few drinks with my family I was enjoying myself . A family friend had asked me to dance so we slow danced to a song with a 100 plus people around. Mind you I have none this guy for years . Anyways mu boyfriend fliped out because he said he could see the look in out eyes when we looked at each other . ? Which I mean I can't really deny because he is extremely good looking bit highly doubt he sees me for anything other than a friend . Anyways lately we have been having some augments but than my boyfriend texted me while I was out saying he knew me and this guy have been talking which isn't true because I know it bothers him . But he like made it up to get a reaction out of me ? He talks to women and I don't freak out . Just wondering what any one else opinions are on this . I love my boyfriend we live together and I care alot about him some days I do wonder what it would be like to to leave because the stress can be over whelimg but I k never leave . I just don't know why he feels it's okay to talk to other women but I can't speak to a guy I've none 10 plus years . ..