My SO doesn't like my guy friends

Lauren • Married ♡ Not ttc.

I've been with my SO longer than I've known these guys, I work with them that's how I met them. But I will always put my SO before them because I love him, he was in my life first and he's what's most important to me.

Now, I used to be best friends with a guy, and he told me he really liked me, I talked to my SO about it and he was not comfortable with us hanging out any more. My friend knew I was crazy about my SO and I felt it was a little disrespectful of my relationship to tell me he had feelings for me because all it did was strain our friendship and now we don't even talk, we're not friends anymore. My SO would never tell me not to be friends with someone but he told me it made him uncomfortable so I stepped back from the friendship.

Well now it's happening again, another good friend of mine (my SO thinks he likes me) & he drunk flirts a lot so I think he does from the things he says, but this guy is a good friend and he's engaged with a baby on the way, he jokes about us, but I feel he's not serious, or at least would never act on it, he loves his girl. The thing is, my SO hates him. Mainly because he got drunk and said some mean things, he apologized a lot and I forgive him but my SO doesn't.

I don't want to lose another friend, my SO and I are in a LDR so I need my friends. But my SO is my priority and I don't want him to be uncomfortable. But I'm not sure what I need to do...