First prenatal appointment- scared

Hey everyone, 
I am about 7 weeks today and have my first appointment tomorow. I am 19 and unsure of what I am going to do. Keep, adoption or abortion. My SO is saying abortion but idk. I just don't feel right about it all. I am uneasy with everything right now. 
Anyway what I was asking, is, what should I expect? I'm going to confirm pregnancy then will hve to make another appt for an ultrasound to see if everything is ok and how far along I am to determine what the next steps will be. I am going to women's care center of fl... Has anyone else been to one of these centers? Are they any good? Everything in my first 2 appts will be free. Test, ultrasound and speaking with a counselor. 
Has any of you had an abortion? Just in case I want to know what to expect?!