Megan • 2 first Tri losses, one rainbow baby-Finley James, and one second Tri loss-Eleanor Ruth
Two weeks ago (less than 1 week after the MC) some good friends of ours announced that they were expecting.  They are only 3 weeks ahead of where we were supposed to be.  We are both genuinely happy for them, but it was obviously a little hard to hear.  This weekend, she was at "girls night" and of course a big topic of conversation was her pregnancy. I found myself really struggling and full of bitterness listening to her complain about the things she can't eat and how she just wants a glass of wine, etc.  I know I probably would have been doing the same thing if I were still pregnant, but I just wanted to shake her and scream, "at least you're pregnant!"  Are you guys experiencing any difficulties around your pregnant friends?