? Broken arm

I know you're not all doctors and all that jazz just looking for some info. I went snowboarding last Monday for my first time ever and fell numerous times. The last two times were on my right arm and the last time hurt so bad I just laid on the ground for a few minutes. I stopped after that. Ached all the day and the next day but then seemed to get better (I had some time off so wasn't doing much) then I worked Saturday and Sunday (I bartend) and it started hurting sooo bad, even tonight after playing with my son for a bit. Hurts to turn my palm up and down and to lift things a certain way. I've never had a broken bone before but I'm not sure if this is what it feels like either. Maybe just a hairline fracture or a bad sprain.Just looking  to see what others have for experience with a small break.. I know I should get an X-ray just in case but I just had a mri for a different matter and I'm trying to avoid another huge medical bill :/ thanks!