My little Frankie

Born 08/02/15 via c-section weighing 8lb 11oz. My waters broke on the Friday but my contractions never started. I was booked into be induced the next day on the Saturday. 
They first tried the hormone pessary for 24 hours which did soften my cervix enough so they could rupture my remaing membranes. I was still not having contractions.
On the Sundau morning I was put on the hormone drip and although this did get me to start contracting, the contractions weren't very strong or regular. Doctors thought baby was back to back which would account for this. By 7 o'clock on the Sunday night I felt like I had hit the wall, I was tired, emotionally and physically. I had another internal exam and I was found to be only 1cm dilated! That's when the doctors decided a c-section would be the best option. My little boy was born just after 8.00pm 😄