Beyond mad!

I cannot stand porn. I hate it with a passion. My ex husband pretty much forced me to watch it constantly and now it just makes me sick.

I have been with my current boyfriend for going on 4 years and I'm pregnant with our second child. He watches porn. At first i didn't care, but after the birth of our son i found out he had been taking to a girl on Facebook and all trust i had in him went out the window. After that porn became a huge problem for me once again. I repeatedly asked him not to watch it. I can't even count the number of fights its caused, but today i get online and what do i see nothing but porn searches. He hasn't touched me in two weeks, but he will look up porn. I don't know if im being irrational about this maybe pregnancy hormones, but damn how hard is it to respect me enough not to look at porn or at least have the damn decency to hide it. End of rant.